“The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic” Marseilles Tarot Deck…

feeling trapped in Regular People’s Minds and Nightmares, and with all the freaks and artists gentrified out of proximity to each other, John Michael Greer and His People (Ecosophia.net) have become my internet underground where artists are actually relevant again for the first time in decades. / i’m not really posting a post. i’m posting the photos on here so’s he can post ’em on HIS site.

I’m part of the reading club he’s doing on his new translation of “The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic” on his site, using the Marseilles tarot decks.

John Michael Greer wrote on his comments: “Yes. Tarot is among other things—it has many uses—a tool for storytelling. That’s what divination is—when you do readings for other people, you’re teaching them a different way to tell the story of their lives. When you study the tarot yourself, you’re learning to do that. To become a mage is to learn how to tell stories so interesting and unexpected that people make them real. That’s what I’m hoping to teach, because the familiar stories of our civilization don’t work anymore.”

see why WOW? / italics above are mine because i wanna write that EVERYWHERE.

i’m also reading Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards” to help me understand the first book from an artist’s perspective. Jodorowsky directed the movie, “El Topo,” which i remember being in awe of, but now i’m going to watch again with different eyes. / anyhow, he communed with his Marseilles deck by rubbing it all over his body, sleeping with it, and imagining the characters’ labias and i loved that so much, i decided to defile them by marking up the edges and then i messed up so i felt free to color the white backgrounds and make ’em my own.

after realizing how fragile Regular People are this past year and reconsidering everything i thought i Knew, now i am eternally grateful for everything i’ve ever been through because i’m strong and have more optimism and romance and get up and go than most folks here in san francisco who’re cowering. i see the so-called “bad” cards of hard times as mondays or counterparts or pre-requisites to the best times.

there are duplicates because i can’t delete these now that they’re on here. i’ve let my computer go sooo out of date, it’s jacked up and i don’t care. maybe you can click on ’em to see them closer. there is gold on some of ’em….