BRUNA SEIB… she’s a whole other story for another time.

but she gave me so much of her best left over cloth–silks velvets and wools–along with this heavy stretch denim. all of her gifts have become my artistic tailoring lessons. i stripped the silk of its dark forest green and re-dyed it deep purple which i’ll make into a feminine bicycle riding jacket with a skirt, and this small amount of blue denim i decided to make into a copy of James’ favorite work shorts.

the pockets are black because we didn’t have enough blue and i wanted to use up what i’ve got and besides James wanted to pair blue and black. at first i winced but now i like it because they are like little pictures of art or for butt cheeks. James said the finished pockets reminded him of Van Gogh’s paintings like “Starry Night.”

hella yay!

i wanted to hand sew these to tighten up my hand sewing skills. these are not the custom riding pants just yet. those are next…

(i tried a sun ray look but we figured it looked too feminine so i later took the stitching out)
i signed the pantalones everywhere and dated them in various places like here
this is the gusset and i formed the front crotch curve with my hand sewing so it’d be less likely to crush his testicles and it worked!

so these are just a working mock up and i have to tighten them up and add the belt strap next.