good luck, Bernie…

good luck, Bernie. this is just a wish a kiss i’m blowing out there before your primaries tomorrow. everything’s different. everything i wrote before feels like bullshit. it feels like the world is never going to be the same after this coronavirus kills everything and ratchets us regular folks even lower than what 2008 did to most of us down here.

i thought you were being a pussy when you didn’t say anything about them stealing the democratic nomination from you the first time. i thought, “how’s a guy like that gonna get anything through?”

but in the debate i realized you really do care about all this shit. you care about folks. you get it. and i realized you’re actually what i’ve heard called a STATESMAN! you care about people AND you took it on the chin in regards to hilary because you have HONOR! i didn’t get that.

but i saw your eyes and now i get it.

everything’s different now. i’m glad you stayed in the race.

we’re catching hell down here and the way things are going, money is cheap for rich folks again and now they’re gonna scoop up even MORE so we have even LESS on the other side of this than we did after 2008.

everything’s different now.

we’re so fucking toast if biden or trump gets back in.

it’s different now.

we get it. well i got it. i hope others get it.

what if everyone else is so afraid to vote tomorrow that only the young go out? you never know.

i think it’s silly of me. i didn’t care before. i did but i’m long past nihilistic and am back to eating my own tail. so i care again.

i guess this prayer’s a hail mary pass. because everything’s different now.

maybe we’ve been cattle all this time in america.

but we’re about to become meat and they’re not even trying to hide the gore before we get bolts to the forehead.

i’m not nihilistic anymore. we’re catching hell. this is sad. shit doesn’t have to be this way.

if you can get in and stanch the bleeding on regular and poor folks, that’d be mighty nice. because we’re about to all get a whole lot poorer in this blood thirsty country.

so good luck tomorrow. may the young and unaffected go out in droves and stop the death creep of biden and the cynical corporate state who doesn’t want to give regular people sick leave or minimum wage or no co-pays.

good luck.

otherwise if everything goes the same as it has for decades, we’ve lost our moment in the sun and i fear we will have lost the fight for a long time to come.

maybe this will change everything?

thanks for staying in the game. maybe they’ll get that this is fucking torture.

but i don’t believe the voting numbers anymore anyhow.

but as people say with trump… ? you never know.

i didn’t vote for him but i was GLAD trump got in so there’d be no more of the SAME. i know sometimes you’ve gotta get your head bashed into the business end of a toilet to learn lessons.

if you don’t get in, then i hope trump gets back in. / i don’t want these assholes calming down just yet and as long as he’s a placeholder in the white house, then there’s a CHANCE of maybe a more dramatic reaction next time… biden? really?

dude, you have honor. we NEED a statesman.

fuck, we need a kind parent. someone who gives a damn and you do still. you believe. i hope and pray for a miracle and if that’s you, good luck…