(these are the tiniest pants i’ve made, but i’m showing you the color)

(and there’ll be a star in back on the version i’m offering up now)

email me simply as “e” at “ERIKALopez.com” if have questions or you want to add custom touches like longer length in the legs (+$20 EACH LEG) or prefer your initial or two on the back panel ($60+). / anything custom isn’t returnable, though.
as i am an artist and an individual WORKING ON MANY OTHER CUNNING PLANS, i will only make things IN BATCHES OR til i’m bored or ready to move on to another version or item altogether. i do not want to live like a machine. when and if i ever figure out how to make a separate website, i will have a separate mailing list BUT I’VE HAD IT WITH FUSSING WITH COMPUTERS WHEN I’VE OTHER THINGS TO DO IN REAL LIFE TO ACTUALLY MAKE THESE THINGS I DO.
thank you for understanding and playing along as i try to make a new underground here in san francisco AND INSPIRE THE SAME ELSEWHERE ANYWHERE EVERYWHERE.  / x

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model: gema cantu of hip hop for change.org, oakland / photography: Corky Engel & Basul Parik of corbas.com, san francisco