shower curtain epiphanies

shower curtain epiphanies… i was looking for a new shower curtain and i ended up designing my own in a hurry to inspire myself to step up to how i wanna be an old cat lady before America completely degenerates into one loooong exhaling whine and wail as the young uns take over. now i want to make one epic shower curtain for sale before china is too expensive for us, and see if anyone wants to buy some before china completely cuts us off and we’re making pot holders in the carnage because we’re completely insane by then. in the meantime i’d love to have a rotating gallery of other artists’ works as my shower curtain. can you imagine having one of Sasha Latypova’s still lifes so big you’ve got no peripheral vision? wow. i wanna see if i can start a trend beyond podcast backdrops for these things. a homage to real art made as digital before we’re left to paint with our own bloody mucous. James said no until i giggled at the T-Rex spewing blood idea “or” pin up. i said “both!” so we’re gonna invest in ONE shower curtain and see if anyone buys it before committing to TWO. we’re already not getting paid by people who used to pay fast. and i wanna make art affordable to as many as i can before going full on exclusive local out of boutique necessity. you should see how they’re turning san francisco into Camden, New Jersey. whatever. i can’t wait to see my tester shower curtain in full color. it’s the one below. now i’m a lot fatter than that because we all stopped dancing. back to it. all you old fucks… time to get up. don’t fall asleep around these young folks. they’ll make you squeal like a pig and eat you for bacon. have a good day! –erika in jonetown tuskeegee san francisco