making pom poms for my toes yesterday led to the photos below…


one of my big cunning plans has been designing the most perfect football pants for us girls with big asses. / but many tests later, they look good on girls with flat butts, too. / and now even on little tiny baby women, like my Little Miss Savannah.

these past 9 years i’ve been learning tailoring and high end sewing from the library, magazines, old books and PDFs, and websites. i learned how to grade patterns from a book at the library, and there are so many size increments between my original size base pattern (based on me), and tiny Savanna’s pant legs wouldn’t even make it onto my foot, that’s how miniscule she still is.

but she’s mine. she belongs to me. her mother is the only one who had my back the first time i got beat up for dancing. Savannah’s mom toddled over there with her own little mama self, and she told them to leave the park …and cut to the chase, they did.

i spent all these years trying to come up with something that you cannot offshore or get anywhere but here and from us. it’s a new world. we’re on our own. i’m glad my idea makes even more sense now than it did when my father, Rafael Lopez Sanchez, first gave it to me when i was on my final book tour for The Girl Must Die, and he was fixing sewing machines from used shops and donating them to battered women so’s they wouldn’t be economically reliant upon someone who’s beating the living daylights out of them.

/ aha! Pops has always been brilliant that way. anyhow, this is a sign that this is what i’m doing and because of covid and making labels for KPOO when Larry Chew was wearing his woman’s bra on his face to the station for a mask, i made them a few masks with labels ..fried eggs.. i love drawing fried eggs… have for a many years… and they are the perfect symbol for us all now because KPOO puts us back together again. they did me. anyhow so now making my own labels is my thang. because i’m gonna do to clothing and some sort of set of alliances among The People, i wanna do to art clothing and self employment fuck you in this new era, what Basquiat and Warhol did to The Art World.

because of covid we cannot photograph her professionally with Corky and Basul, my collaborators and photographers, so i’m also seeing what baby Miss Savannah comes up with as i dared her to go all out and tell ME how it should be done, “you all come up with your own photo shoot. get your brothers involved and everyone. it’s yours now.” all of my models online will have custom made matching sunglasses because i actually really do think the internet is a seething cauldron of tormented, lost, caterwauling souls, and i want to protect Miss Savannah’s soul.

so stay tuned…